UMW Summer 2021 Remote Teaching Course Proposal Form
UMW faculty should complete this form to be approved to teach remotely for Summer 2021 sessions. Completion of the form approves the instructor for any and all sections that they will teach for the Summer 2021 sessions. As a reminder, individual Online Course Authorization forms for each section must be on file with the Registrar's Office. This form must be completed by Monday, February 15, 2021.
Faculty Name *
Faculty Email *
Department or College *
I will use Canvas to manage my courses, meeting expectations to include: a copy of the syllabus, course schedule, contact info for the faculty, office hours and means of communication, how students will access their grades or feedback, and links to any other sites/platforms that are used for the course with explanation of use and expectations. *
I have met one of the following: 1) I have completed the ReFocus Online faculty development program including one session on each of the four topics presented, 2) I was approved to teach an online course at UMW prior to Spring 2020, or 3) I have completed training at another institution or conference (please name that institution or conference in the "Other" option): *
Accessibility: I will make course materials accessible to students who require accommodations as dictated by ODR, including, but not limited to: captioning of posted video, checking PDFs for accessibility, and checking presentation slides for accessibility. *
Students will be engaged through (check all that apply for your class): *
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