Are you the team member we are looking for?
Nice to meet you!
This form will ask you a lot of questions. The goals are crazy, if you decided to apply you are
probably a visionary, but don’t give up. It is the right place for great opportunities: new friends,
professional experiences and travels around Europe. Ready, set, go!
Take this as your job interview but in a written form. Our suggestion is to have a look at all the
questions, think about them, write your replies in a separate sheet and then copy paste them in
this form. And now... it's up to you!
You will need to upload your CV. Please remember:
1. CVs need to be in pdf, in English and only 1 page
2. Videos is max 60 seconds
3. Sharing options are vital: please make sure we can have access to your documents.
Deadline for Team application: 15 December 2019.
We will give you access to a list of all the individual applicants from which you can compose your
team. Once your team is composed, you should make a Team application by December 15th.
Good luck & keep up the good work!
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