RK Sympathy Charity Application

Thanks for expressing interest in becoming a part of RK Sympathy!
- be related to a mental illness or future subject we go over
- have a website
- be active (hosts events or simply does things to help others often)
A physical location isn't required, but it does make it more likely for your organization to be selected.

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What would you like to be referred to as?
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Is this application from someone outside the organization recommending us to contact them, or from the organization themselves?
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Contact Information of Organization *
This is NOT the contact information of the recommender. This is how to get in touch with the aforementioned organization.
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Preferred Sympathyloid/Illness/Subject
Organization must be related by the illness or group of illnesses a Sympathyloid represents in order to list Sympathyloids. Otherwise, only subjects may be listed.
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Country *
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Preferred Language
Can be different from the main language of the country the organization originated in. If this is a recommendation, ignore. If this is not a charity for mental illnesses, ignore.
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Preferred Usage
Voicebanks, Side Projects, Events. If this is a recommendation, ignore. Usage for voicebanks is prohibited if organization is not a charity for mental illnesses.
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Reason for Applying/Recommending
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