COVID-19 Economic Hardship Program
As primary care physicians, we see the impacts COVID-19 has had on our community and our patients from the very front row.  We know you are struggling, and we know how much you want COVID-19 to end.  (We're with you.)

Upon hitting "Submit" to this screening form, you will receive a unique link to enroll as a member at KCDPC as a participant in our Economic Hardship Program.
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Some Stipulations
You must agree that you understand all of following to participate in this program. If you don't agree with -- or don't understand -- any of the points below, please reach out to us directly at 913-730-0331 or to clarify things!

We are a primary care doctor’s office; we aren’t an insurance company nor do we offer any services beyond what we’re able to do within the normal practice of a primary care doctor -- i.e. we aren’t going to remove your gallbladder, insert a pacemaker, or provide emergency services. That said, for the average person over a lifetime, a primary care physician can address 80-90% of the person’s healthcare needs, and that is why you hire us. *
We believe that long-term health and wellness is aided by a longstanding relationship with a primary care physician. As such -- and just like any of our patients -- you are still signing our 12-month contract; we’re just making the start more affordable. *
We will reach out to go over your contract with you once we’ve received your enrollment. We don’t want you to be surprised by our operations or what we do (and we believe in treating people fairly), so you can cancel any time before or during your contract review appointment for a full refund, so long as you schedule it within 30 days of enrolling. :) *
The full $150 must be paid at the time of signup; your regular monthly fee will begin on day 91 of your membership and will be automatically billed/charged as outlined in our membership contract. *
We require an automatic form of payment on file -- we’re small, and it’s how we keep costs down and remain efficient! *
This one is important: we have a team of physicians who have each spent over a decade in training and have spent years in practice following training. We use the most recent, science-based evidence to guide treatment plans & to counsel you on general wellness. You are hiring us to provide that expertise over time as it best fits with what you are experiencing. We may recommend medicine; we may not. We may recommend labs; we may not. We may recommend an x-ray; we may not. If at any point you think things should go differently or don’t understand your physician’s recommendation, we invite you to speak up, clarify, ask questions, and make your voice heard! It is our job to offer expert advice in a manner that is understandable and fits (as best as it can) with your finances, beliefs, culture, and day-to-day rhythm, but we will always revert back to the evidence and best practices for a given situation. It’s literally what you’ve hired us to do, and we take that responsibility very seriously. *
Lastly, due to the COVID-19 virus, we are conducting most visits via phone or teleconference (and moving to in-person visits if deemed necessary by your physician). *
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