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Greater New Haven has long boasted an abundance of gifted artists, but too few of them have received the financial support to help them soar. The Bitsie Clark Fund for Artists seeks to change this by helping artists pursue new work or achieve specific creative and career goals.

The Fund will nourish Greater New Haven’s community of individual artists in two ways.*

1. Inspiring and supporting innovative partnerships between artists and non-profit organizations developing a mutually beneficial project;

2. Supporting individual artists seeking to develop imaginative projects, engage diverse audiences, or steer their career paths, using a non-profit organization as a fiscal sponsor to administer funds.

The Bitsie Clark Fund for Artists will consider applications from non-profit organizations in partnership with individual artists practicing in all creative disciplines, including (but not limited to) dance, music, theater, visual, design, craft, literary, voice, poetry, playwriting, composition and film. Both artists who have created a substantial body of recent work and artists emerging in their field are encouraged to apply. The Fund reserves the right to fund a single grant or multiple grants in any given year. No artist or arts organization can receive more than one grant in any year.

*When an artist applies to The Bitsie Clark Fund for Artists and receives a grant, the funds are awarded to the non-profit partner organization to administer as a fiscal sponsor. If the project is one where the artist and non-profit are collaborative partners, the program budget will reflect both the artist’s expenses and those of the organization (if any). If there is no collaboration and the artist seeks funds to support work as an individual, the non-profit agrees to manage the grant funds for the artist. At the end of the grant period (one year from award) the non-profit organization, in partnership with the artist, is required to submit the Final Report. This will include a narrative report on the project or program and an accounting of how the grant funds were spent.

The Bitsie Clark Fund for Artists is a donor advised fund housed at the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven; therefore both the non-profit organization and the artist must be located in the towns served by the Foundation. Towns are listed here:

An artist is considered a resident for the purpose of this opportunity, if the artist has been a resident in one or more of the towns served by the Foundation for the past 12 months or more. An artist, who receives a grant from The Bitsie Fund, must commit to residing within the service area of the Foundation for the duration of the grant period (one year). To be eligible, the non-profit must have its main office in one of the towns served by the Foundation.

• Non-profit partner must have 501(c) 3 status for at least 12 months prior to May 1st of the year “Request to Apply” is submitted. Municipal departments, local churches, synagogues, or mosques can also be partners or fiscal sponsors.

• Artists must be the primary creator of original works of art.

• Grants range from $1,000 to $5,000.

• Applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time the full proposal is due.

• A Request-to-Apply coversheet and 200-word essay are required to start the application process. The deadline for this essay is 5pm on May 1 of each year.

• Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application by July 15th of each year.

• Those invited to submit a full application will be sent the list of narrative questions and will be asked to provide a supporting budget of anticipated expenses.

• The successful artist(s) and non-profit organization(s) will be required to publicize the grant. The Bitsie Fund will feature the winning project(s) on its website.

• Grant funds must be expended during the one-year grant period.

• A final report, submitted by the artist and the non-profit, will be required at the end of the funding period. This will include an accounting of the how the award funds were spent.

Approved uses of funds include, but are not limited to:

• The purchase of materials, equipment or supplies;
• Artistic compensation for time spent developing a project or creating art;
• Hiring others;
• Attending workshops, conferences, residencies, etc.
• The cost of tuition or seminar fees;
• Performance or touring costs;
• Travel to a destination relevant to the proposal;
• Studio improvements, rental of work/studio space or performance space;
• Production expenses, such as costumes, props, lighting or sound systems;
• Other items necessary for your development as an artist.

May 1, 5pm
• Request to Apply coversheet and 200 word essay due.

June 1
• Review of “Request to Apply” materials and selection of finalists complete.
Non-profit(s) and artist(s) notified of invitation to submit full proposal.
Declinations notified.

July 15
• Full proposal due.

September 15:
• Successful non-profit(s) and artist(s) notified of award(s).

October 1:
• Other applicants notified of declination.

First Friday in December:
• Recipients awarded funds at the Arts Council’s Arts Awards Luncheon.

Twelve months after receipt of award:
• Final report due from organization and artist.

Before proceeding with this application, you must acknowledge that you understand the requirements outlined above.
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