Village of Edmore - Water Service Survey
We need your help! The Edmore DPW conducts regular testing of the Village’s water at various locations, including in some of your homes. We also conduct cross connection inspections on systems with a higher risk of back flow. Additionally, the State requires that the Village maintain an inventory of the materials used in our water distribution system. We fulfill these requirements by reviewing records, physically digging things up, and talking with many of you in person. We can streamline a lot of this work if you would take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. The information that we are looking to gather here will help us with these tasks which are intended to help us continue to provide safe drinking water to the Village.There is no requirement to fill this out, but we would be very grateful if you did. Thank you!
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What material is the water service line coming into your house? This is the main water line coming into your home from the street. Typically it will come through the wall or floor of your basement or crawlspace, and will be connected to the main water shutoff in your house. *
Has your water service line ever been replaced? *
Do you use water softener? *
Do you use a boiler to heat your home? *
What year was your home built?
May we contact you in person or by phone regarding this survey? *
Do you have any comments/questions/concerns for the DPW regarding this or any other matter?
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