Venture to Sunnyvale Park Volunteer Application
Located at 4013 South 700 West, Sunnyvale Park is home to the Sunnyvale Farmers Market. The Market operated by the International Rescue Committee will be opened every Saturday, June 10 to October 14, 2017. Every Saturday throughout the summer, the park becomes a vibrant gathering place for the community. A large number of the neighborhood's residents are from immigrant and refugee backgrounds.

Venture to Sunnyvale Park provides organized, fun and engaging activities for children at the Park from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. every Saturday throughout the duration of the Sunnyvale Farmers Market.

Salt Lake County is currently seeking partners to host Saturdays by planning and implementing activities.

1. Online application – complete this online application at least three weeks before your expected Saturday
2. Phone interview – a representative will contact you within three days for a phone interview
3. Acceptance notice – a representative will notify you of your acceptance within seven days
4. Post event survey – complete a post-event survey to help us improve

1. Plan activities appropriate for a variety of ages (kids can be between 2 and 17)
2. Your team must make up a minimum of 4 team members (we estimate anywhere between 30 to 70 children at the park every Saturday)
3. Provide appropriate gear and supplies. Remember you will be working with a large group of youth. Many of the youth are new to our community; many may not be familiar with cultural norms and expectations.
4. Please don’t organize activities that require expensive equipment and gear. If you do, please note that there is a chance that it can get broken
5. Organize activities based on a theme
6. Only store bought food is allowed. Please don’t offer any food that is not prepared in a health department-approved commercial kitchen
7. The Sunnyvale Farmers Market educates the community about healthy food; please don’t distribute "junk" food for the children
8. Reduce stress by preparing most materials before the day of the event
9. Plan activities that are hands-on and engaging
10. Plan activities that don't require a lot of clean up

1. Sports (basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, football, kickball, frisbee)
2. Music (karaoke, talent shows, drum circle, dance)
3. Arts & Crafts (tie-dye, friendship bracelets, spray paint projects)
4. Carnival games (bucket tosses, hula hoop tosses, "cake walk", etc.)
5. Camp games (blind-folded foam ball toss with a partner, scavenger hunts, capture the flag)
6. Water day (sponge race, slides, water balloon fights, etc.)
7. Contests like hula hooping, jump roping, etc. would get the kids active.

• Though the farmers market begins at 12, we ask volunteers and groups to arrive earlier (11:00 with equipment or 11:30 without any equipment) for setup.
• Setup will depend on how much equipment the activities require, and the amount of space they need. When you arrive, please see us for clarification on setup areas and help with any questions.
• During your Saturday, if there are any questions, concerns, or any needs, please see us.
• Please contact us for help with cleanup.

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