Strategic Data Assessment
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Fill in your company, name, title and role.

Answer each question on the ("Data Assessment") tab of this document. Fill in with a number from 1-9. The number represents the level in which you agree. 9 is the highest level of agreement, 1 is the lowest, and 5 is neutral.

If you are unsure of a question, leave it BLANK.

It is best to have three people with the following roles take the test independantly:

(1) Sales: Someone who has hands on experience using the data day-day when selling.
(2) Marketing: In charge of campaigns, data acquisition, metrics and reporting (not creative)
(3) Admin/Operations: Manages the data in CRM and/or Marketing Automation. Controls tech policy, tools and any admin processes related to data.

If you have a specific dataset that needs analysis, please fill in the "Dataset Questionnaire" tab

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