Burghfield St Mary’s CoE Primary School Online Safety Survey KS2
Please complete this survey for the school. Please be as honest as you can. If anything in the survey makes you feel a little worried please talk to your teacher about it.
Which year group are you in? *
Are you a boy or girl? *
How many internet devices are there where you live? (include computers, games consoles, tablets, phones etc )
How many internet devices do YOU own or share access to? (include older devices you have that still work.) *
What devices do you own? (tick all you have. ) *
Are you a member of a social media network - which ones do you use? *
What app or activity do you do most in a typical week?
If you play games online which game do you play most?
Your answer
How often do you play this game?
How safe do you feel online?
Not sure/ not very safe
Very safe and careful
When online do you follow safe guidelines?
Dont follow any rules/ what rules
I follow all the rules all the time
Can you write one of the rules that you think is important when online?
Your answer
Have you ever been bullied online or via technology?
How much online safety help have you had from your teachers?
How much time do you spend using technology at home and school each week on average? (Think carefully, you may do more at the weekends.)
up to an hour
1-3 hours
4-7 hours
8-11 hours
12-16 hours
17-20 hours
20+ hours
What would you like to learn more about to keep you safe online?
Your answer
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