CCP Initial Assessment for Dialogue
A Set of 12 Issues for Congregations
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Empowering Vision: Our congregation lacks a clear empowering vision of where God is leading us for the next season of our life. Our plans focus around our desire to survive and keep this congregation going. *
Attendance Size: Our average weekly worship attendance is less than 80, but at some point in the past it was 135 or more. *
Attendance Trend: The average weekly worship attendance in our congregation has declined more than 10 percent in the past five years. *
Age of Attendees: The average age of the people attending the worship service in our congregation is 60 or more years old. *
Tenure of Attendees: The average tenure of the people attending worship service in our congregation indicates they have been attending this congregation for 20 or more years. *
Leaders: We have less than 21 leaders who are committed Christians and maturing disciples who are physically able, knowledgeable, and willing to provide proactive leadership. *
Baptisms: We typically have three or less baptisms of adults each year. Yet we may have baptisms of some children or youth who are the children or grandchildren of members. *
Tithes and Offerings: 80 percent or more of the income our members and attendees contribute each year is required to pay salaries and the costs of using and maintaining our facilities. *
Building and Property: Our buildings and property require repairs that we are financially unable to make. We have delayed maintenance issues. Parts of our building may not even be usable. *
Financial Debt: We have a financial debt we are still struggling to pay, and making the payments are a regular challenge. *
Community Context: The people in the community around our congregation’s facilities are unlike the people who attend our congregation, and we have been unsuccessful in getting them to attend our worship. *
COVID-19 Pandemic: The situation of our congregation has been negatively impacted by the pandemic during 2020. *
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