Hallett Elementary School Title I Parent Survey
Your input is valued at Hallett Elementary School. Please take a few minutes to let us know your opinion. This information will be used to help us plan parent involvement activities for our school.
Please respond to each question.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
I feel welcome when I enter the school
The school schedules parent/teacher conferences in a flexible way so that I can attend.
I know what the School-Parent Compact is.
Teachers regularly communicate with me.
My calls, emails, or notes to school staff are answered promptly
I feel knowledgeable about what is going on at the school.
I feel knowledgeable about the school's expectations for my child.
My child receives additional academic help when needed.
The school provides our family with informational events.
I have been encouraged to volunteer at school.
I feel that parents are involved in decision-making at our school.
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