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Do you normally qualify for Earned Income Credit? (Household income less than $50K?) *
Were you or someone else in your household in college last year? *
Can you claim itemized deduction? (Standard deduction is $25,900 for Married Filing Joint, $12,950 for Single, and $19,400 for HOH.) *
Did you have self-employment income last year? (Received 1099-NEC. with box 1 Non-employee Compensation?) *
If you were self employed, can you claim depreciation expense? (Had machinery, equipment, truck etc. that depreciation expense can be claimed on?) *
Did you sell any business use machinery, equipment or truck etc? *
Did you have farming income last year? *
Did you sell any farming use equipment or auto? *
Did you receive rental income last year? (ie cash rent from farm land, rental home, air bnb?) *
If yes, how many rental properties did you own last year?
Did you sell any rental property last year? *
Did you sell any capital investment last year? (ie stocks, bonds, mutual funds, land, collectibles, arts?) *
Did you receive interest or dividends income over $1,500 last year? *
Did you or will you receive Schedule K-1 for your share of income from S Corp, Partnership, Publicly Traded Partnership, or Trust and Estate? *
Did you have any gambling winning last year? *
Did you obtain your health insurance through the ObamaCare Market Place? (You received or should've received Form 1095-A from the Market Place.) *
Did you live or work outside of South Dakota last year? Or have income derived from outside of South Dakota? (ie land rent from out of state, oil or natural gas royalty from out of state.) *
If lived or worked outside of SD last year, how many state income tax returns do you need to file?
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