Hingham High School: 9th Grade Advisory Program Survey
Hingham High School has implemented a student advisory program for the past two years. The advisory program supports our community of learners by promoting respectful and meaningful relationships among students and with adult advisors. Providing individual attention of this nature will further engage all students as learners, individuals, and valued members of the HHS community. It is our ardent belief that encouraging meaningful relationships with different members of the HHS community will foster the well-being of the whole student and strengthen our school’s commitment to our core values. Each advisory group is intended to be a welcoming, comfortable environment in which students feel they belong and can contribute. Along with supporting our mission statement, advisories are designed to do the following:

Encourage Engagement with the school community

Foster Resiliency through stronger connections to supportive adults

Develop Responsibility to ourselves and to others

Cultivate personal Integrity

Students have met regularly at a specified time with a faculty or staff member. Groups have been randomized within grades, so students will get to know peers and adults with whom they may not regularly interact. The goal is for every student to be known personally by an adult and to strengthen our school community.

Furthermore, student advisories also support 21st century learning expectations:

Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem Solving

Initiative, Resilience, and Personal Responsibility

Collaboration, Leadership, and Community Engagement

Effective Oral and Written Communication

Global Awareness

Effective and Appropriate Use of Technology

The following survey will help shape and inform this program for future advisory groups. Please take a moment to complete a survey that will help guide our work. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and feedback.

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1. Advisory is a comfortable place to be:
2. In advisory, I am comfortable expressing my feelings and opinions:
3. I enjoy spending time with other students in my advisory:
4. The people in my advisory make me feel like I am part of the school community.
5. I have friends in my advisory.
6. I looked forward to attending my advisory sessions.
7. When we come to advisory, my advisor is happy to see us.
8. I know my advisor because he or she teaches another class I am enrolled in.
9. If I needed to, I would feel comfortable speaking to my advisor if I was having trouble in my classes.
10. I am respected by my peers in advisory.
11. My advisor expects me to do well in school.
12. I think advisory helped me prepare for and understand what to expect during midyear exams.
13. I enjoyed having mentors be a part of a few our our sessions and would like to have them as a part of every advisory session.
14. I felt the most comfortable during advisory sessions that were discussion-based.
15. I felt the most comfortable during advisory sessions that were activity-based.
16. Advisory helps me to be a successful student.
17. I enjoyed attending presentations during advisory groups and found them helpful.
18. I think advisory would improve if our groups met:
19. I think advisory would improve if each session met:
20. I would like to spend the majority of Advisory learning study strategies.
21. I would like to spend the majority of Advisory learning/discussion non-academic topics (i.e. alcohol awareness, tolerance, current events, public speaking, etc.)
22. I would recommend discussing the following topics in Advisory next year: (please write in suggestions)
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