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We are gathering information to better understand the connection among elements of performance in order to better support performance enhancement. The information from this survey may be used in blog posts, as well as to inform our consulting approach. All responses are treated as confidential. We will never use names of individuals and/or organizations without prior explicit consent.

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What best describes your level in your organization?
What best describes your lens on the organization?
How concentrated are decision making and authority?
If asked, how easily could you relay the spirit of your organization’s stated mission (i.e. mission, vision and values, etc.)?
If asked to identify 3 to 5 priority elements of our business, how closely would your interpretation match those of your most important internal contacts?
If individuals were looking for a sense of purpose from their professional life, to what degree does your organization provide that?
Select what best describes performance measurement at your organization
How does performance evaluation work in your organization? Choose the one that best fits your situation.
Financial measures can be very clear indicators for a business. How do such measures work in your organization or part of the organization?
Select the statement that best describes communication in your internal work environment.
When it comes to important issues, how does collaboration work in your environment? Select the statement that best describes collaboration in your organization.
If there were a reliable means to measure the impact of time and energy spent, how would your organization score?
OPTIONAL - What do you think would be the most effective changes to make to your team, you organization and/or the system in which your organization operates?
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