a paper reverie blog survey
heyyyoooo frens! thank you SO SO MUCH for taking the time to fill out this survey-- it helps me out so much. xx madeline
how did you find my blog (this crazy little corner of the internet)?
do you like my blog design?
in terms of my blog design, what should i improve on?
Your answer
how often do you visit my blog?
what types of posts do you enjoy seeing on my blog?
what type of post would you like to see more of?
what type of post would you like to see less of?
how do you follow me?
thoughts about posting frequency?
thoughts about my posting SCHEDULE? (if any)
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do you care about my opinions? / are they helpful?
what do you like the most about my blog? (design, posts, the person writing the blog, etc)
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what do you think that i need to improve on the most? (don't be afraid to give constructive criticism!)
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almost done! any other suggestions or thoughts? again, thank you so much for telling me your thoughts and helping me improve!
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