Reality Town - Post-assessment
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School *
What did you experience?
Adults have many different experiences.  Reality Town "simulates" what it could be like when you become an adult based on your level of education, career choice, and values.
What did you experience about the cost of groceries? *
What surprised you most about buying or renting a place to live? *
What was your experience buying a car? *
Check all that Apply
It was my dream car
It was the only car I could afford
I did not have enough money to buy a car.
My car had enough seats to fit me and all of my family.
I could not afford to pay for the gas and/or the insurance to drive it.
What concepts did you understand better because of Reality Town? *
Check all that Apply
Property Taxes
Balancing a Check Book
Cost of Utilities
What would you do differently if you could experience Reality Town a second time? *
Reality Town's impact on your real life at home and school
Answer the following questions to tell us whether or not Reality Town has made a difference for you personally.
How likely are you to talk to your parents or thank them for what they provide you because of what you learned from Reality Town? *
What are somethings that you could do now to help you get a good job when you become an adult?  *
Did Reality Town make a difference about your decision to earn more education after earning your high school diploma? *
Improving Your Experiece
What could we do better?
How well prepared were you to make decisions and fill out your Reality Town booklet?  What helped or if you felt lost what would have helped you in preparing? *
Did you like the job you had in Reality Town? If "Yes" is this the job you want to do as an adult, why or why not? If "No" what will you choose differently as an adult? *
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