Fall 2018 International Pre-Orientation (First Time Pre-O Leaders Application)
This form is for those who would like to be Muhlenberg international pre-orientation leaders for the Fall 2018. Use this form if you are a first time applicant to be an international pre-orientation student leader. The arrival date for the new international students for the international pre-o is tentatively set for Friday, August 17, so, you would be expected to be on campus by August 15th at the latest (we work with ORS for your early arrival). The pre-o will run until the morning of Thursday, August 23rd and will involve long days, but, will be an enjoyable experience (with lots of food and fun activities) as you will be part of the first formative experience for our new Muhlenberg international students.

Please fill out this form by Thursday, April 19 if you are interested in participating in International Pre-O. There are three short answer questions, and, a form to upload your **resume. Afterwards, we'll schedule a 30 minute meeting to discuss your application and ask any other questions. Final decisions of our pre-o team will be made by the end of April, depending on how many incoming admitted students have deposited by the deadline (May 1).

If you have any questions, please contact me at thomasjanis@muhlenberg.edu.

Best wishes,
Tom Janis
Office of International Student Support

**if you don't have a resume, visit the career center to learn more or create a basic one on Word. Having a working resume is a first start to getting your first interview for a job, so, making one to be a Pre-O leader is great "resume practice" for the world outside of Muhlenberg.

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Family Name
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Graduation Year
Are you interested in helping lead OISS events/programs during the 18-19 year (after pre-orientation)?
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