The Geek Equestrian Year End Awards Survey for Equestrian Companies
Hello! For 2018, The Geek Equestrian is looking into hosting their own year end awards for the eventing community. This is an awards program that will be administered through the mail. Please note, there will not be a banquet for this program.

To start, we are planning on having divisions for eventers competing in Starter through Training and breaking out Jr and Sr riders into separate divisions.

We are in the development stage right now and gauging interest from both competitors and companies a like. So far, we have had an amazing response from the equestrian community. If you could please fill out our short survey below, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
What Is The Name Of Your Company? *
What Sponsors Get:
Each company that sponsors ribbons and/or prizes will get the following:

An announcement of the sponsorship on all of our social media
Their logo on the awards page of our blog
Tags in all posts about the awards program
Their companies name on the ribbons they have sponsored
Would You Interested In Sponsoring Ribbons For Our Year End Awards? *
Would You Be Interested In Sponsoring Prizes For Our Year End Awards? *
If You Answered Yes To Either Of The Above Questions, Please Leave Your Name and Email Below.
What Would Your Budget Be For Ribbons or Awards?
What Would Your Excepted Return Be For Sponsoring Part Of Our Program?
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