Sunrise Onboarding Questionnaire
By filling out this form, you will be paired up with a member of Sunrise who will be your Buddy. After you are paired, your Buddy will set up a 1 to 1 chat to get to know you and help you find your place in the movement!
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How familiar are you with organizing/activism? Feel free to share your experiences
How familiar are you with San Diego's political landscape (politicians and policies)?
Which skill(s) are you interested in developing?
Buddy Preference
Everyone has different lived experiences and identities. For some people, it may be easier to relate with those who share similar experiences and backgrounds, including but not limited to religion, culture, race, class, gender pronouns or sexual orientation. Do you have a preference for your buddy's background? We will accommodate as best as we can.

ie. I would like someone who is a POC, or a woman, or someone who falls into the lgbtq+ spectrum, etc.
ie. I would like someone who grew up around La Mesa and is a college student
Buddy Preference
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