Finding Waste in Puget Sound Recovery
Please use this form to submit a claim about how the current operations of local, state and federal governments in support of Puget Sound recovery, uses resources without creating commensurate value to the public trust. We want to improve how we deliver more value to the public and better achieve Puget Sound ecosystem recovery using our existing resources.

This requires that we be thoughtful and contentious attempt to identify problems we can fix.

Some problems are not a good example of operational waste, but instead are the tip of an unresolved social conflict which has created convoluted government processes. "Continuous improvement" is likely not the mechanisms for resolving deep social conflicts. However it is important to identify these conflicts so we can work on them through political mechanisms, and minimize the waste these conflicts create in our daily work.

Please answer each question to the best of your ability. Thank you for your contribution. If you have any questions, please contact
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In which system are your observing waste?
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Describe HOW the system currently functions to consume resources without creating public benefit (what kind of resources, in what way are they wasted?):
What is your hypothesis for WHY the system functions in this way? please don't settle for superficial explanations, look for root causes (haphazard development, unintended consequences, conflicting incentives?).
Describe how the system might function, if it were more efficient (the "desired future condition"):
How might you measure the nature and scale of this waste?
Which agency programs, would need to agree to this new way of functioning to make it happen? (list them)
What kinds of agencies need to be involved?
Now, please describe the problem in one sentence:
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