Custom Waist-Beads
Below you will find a quick questionnaire to ordering your set of intentional waist-beads. Each Intentional wrap is customized to bring more awareness to what your needing more of within your life. As you wear the intentional wrap, you begin to create an intimate relationship with the goals you set for your self through wearing, feeling and seeing your beads hugged around your body. Waist beads are an African tradition for many different things such as weight awareness, Maturity - (Womanhood) , Intimacy, fertility, heritage, pride , manifestation, posture and so much more. These beautiful pieces of art are more than just a strand of jewelry, their intentional with your prayer for your specific needs and wants. So as you fill out the questionnaire below, be very intentional on why you are creating your set of spiritual work of art for your intentional personal reasons.  I take much pride and honor in creating your Intentional wrap, each wrap is cleansed and set with positive energy.  I look forward to working with you.
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Sizing Waist beads  
As of right now, I only do permanent waist beads that are wore consistently everyday. So when you tie the waist beads on, the only way to remove them is to cut the waist beads off. This helps to keep you aware of your intention at all times!  Please make sure that when you measure for your waist beads that you measure true to size, meaning do not hold your stomach in but relax your abdomen when measuring. use the measuring tape where you want them to hang and drape.
How to Measure Yourself for Waist Beads. Use a fabric measuring tape. Always remember to measure the part of your waist where you would like your waist beads to sit.  1) Remove or raise any layers of clothing blocking your waist. 2) Measure where you want your beads to hang. (below or above your navel)  3) Stand up straight while measuring.  4) Start from the very beginning of the tape and wrap around your waist without sucking your stomach in.  4) Remeasure yourself one or two more times for accuracy. Choose below the size that you would like for your waist beads. Small Note : Don't get too overwhelm with sizing,  I always add a few inches for room to tie your waist beads with ease when creating them for you. *
Take sometime to sit in meditation or in stillness and ask yourself, What are you wanting more of within your life?  provide 5 words below that define your intention. This will help me to determine what precious stones to use within your waist beads. Below is also a color guide that shows what different colors mean.
Please state the Colors that you would like to see in your waist beads . Please inform detailed description such as "light or Dark" within each color , olive green or royal blue etc . Choose up to 3 colors  
Bead Color Guide
Once I receive your google form and payment,  I will then begin creating,  your handmade Waist Beads. Please note your waist beads are handmade and  will ship within 1 week from when you order (Monday-Friday) not including weekends. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. If your in the charlotte NC area we can schedule a pick up of your order in the university location.
The Price for your Intentional wrap is $30, If needing to ship, there is a $8 fee . Each waist bead is customized to your intention. I also use semi precious stones that are intentional when choosing for your waist beads. Click this link to see some examples of semi precious stones and their meanings. .
Refund Policy
Due to hygiene and the nature of our products, there are no refunds available once the product is shipped. Any losses or damages during or due to shipping will be replaced.
Please make sure you measure your waist correctly. Orders cannot be returned for resizing.
Tie-on Beads
Please make sure to tie your tie-on beads correctly if shipping, I will provide a video for tying instructions.  If your in the charlotte nc area , I can tie them on for you using the African traditional way .  If you pop your beads once they have been tied they cannot be returned, I can provide a repair kit for you to re bead with a new intention. 
Waist bead breaking
In the African tradition , It is said that if your waist beads pop randomly, that your intention that you set with those beads has either been accomplished or what your wanted to release has been released . Wearing Waist beads is a spiritual practice and very intentional. 

Also other reason could be if you accidently pull on them too hard when changing clothing 

Each Waist Bead is used with strong string that is doubled up , when bathing with waist beads they can begin to shrink over time, please be gently when drying off with your waist beads . longevity of waist beads varies , sometimes 1 month all the way up to 6 months . 
Thank You
Thank you for trusting me to create your Intentional Wrap. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Once you finish this form send me a message at 7043009508 with the word "Done" . I will respond to you by the first 24 hours to schedule a phone call with you. 

Love & Light

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