NICU Reading Program Process Guide - Request
Our BWB team is delighted to share with you our process guide on how to develop a NICU reading program.

The guide provides details on the Babies With Books NICU Reading Program and its 4 core components - Admit Welcome Packets, Book Rounds, Sibling/Family Shared Library, and literacy promotion events. We provide resources on how to develop a reading program, perspectives on our experiences, potential community resources, and other ideas for you to consider as you develop your NICU reading program. Feel free to adopt or adapt our BWB NICU Reading Program to meet the needs of your families and providers.
NICU reading programs are easy and fun for both families and staff and will support infants and families during and after their NICU hospitalization!
Our BWB team is eager to support your work and answer questions along the way! Contact us at our website,, or email us at
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