VPA Tour 50 (June.2024)
 VPA Pro Tour 50 - June 2024
June 14th-16th. 2024 (Men's and Women's category)
June 22nd (Mixed Double category)

1. Our Purpose:

To give padel lovers opportunities to play against one another for experience, practice, and improvement of their padel levels and performance.

2. Time and Location:

DATE:  June 14th-16th. 2024   (Men's and Women's category)
June 22nd (Mixed Double category)
TIME: From 7 am to 7 pm
LOCATION: Vietpadel Country Club - 03 Dong Tay 1, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.
REGISTRATION: Deadline is on June 11th, 2024 (Men's and Women's category)
June 19th (Mixed Double category)

3. Entrance Eligibility: 

The tournament is open to all players, professional or non-professional from all around the world     

4. Categories of Competition:

Men's Doubles A - (Max 16 Teams) - for all male players, total rating 700+ (VPR)
Men’s Doubles B - (Max 16 Teams) - for all male players, total rating 550+ (VPR)
Men's Doubles C - (Max  16   Teams) - for all male players, total rating 450+ (VPR)
Men's Doubles D - (Max  16   Teams) - for all male players, total rating 350+ (VPR)
Men's Doubles E - (Max  16   Teams) - for all male players, total rating 250+ (VPR)
Mixed Doubles A - (Max  16   Teams) - 1 male player and 1 female player Rating 700+
Mixed Doubles B - (Max  16   Teams) - 1 male player and 1 female player no player over 350 (VPR) allowed total rating 550+
Mixed Double C -.(Max  16   Teams) - 1 male player and 1 female player no player over 300 (VPR) allowed total rating 400+
Women's Doubles Open  (Max  16   Teams) - for all women players
Women's Doubles B  (Max  16   Teams) for all women players, total rating 400+ (VPR)
Women's Double C  (Max  16   Teams) for all women players, total rating less than 400 (VPR)

5. Rules and Regulation: 

   Tournament draws and match formats will be declared by Organisers depending on the number of participants (minimum 2 matches for each pair).

In case of bad weather, the organisers can decide to change the structure of the games to finish the tournament on time. In case of very bad weather all matches will be canceled and postponed until further notice.

All players must be present 30 minutes before the start of the match.

On-court warm up will be 5 minutes following rules (we advise all players to warm up off-court prior to the match).

A player can subscribe to more than 1 category. The organisers will arrange the schedule but it is possible that you play several matches in a row. (Just make sure that you are physically fit)

All rules will follow regular padel rules.

The tournament will play with self judgment rules with Fair Play.

6. Estimated Schedule: Time of play will be updated depending on entry numbers (But days of start won't change)

- Check out the file below:

7. Registration fees:

Fees:  1.000.000 VND/team/category
Women's double : 700.000 VND/Team/category
Players will be on the official registration list as soon as they fill in the form and send it.
The fees won't be returned if the athletes cancel the registration.
Players must pay the full fee to the organisers by:

8. Payment method:

By Cash Vietpadel Country Club - 03, Dong Tay 1, An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. 
By Bank Transfer:
Account Number: 1026937609
Account Name: Cong Ty Co Phan Vietpadel
Bank: Vietcombank
Description: VPA Tour 10 03/24 - Full Name - Category (Men A/Men B/MenC/MenD/MenE/Mixed OPEN/Mixed Social/Women).


Men's Doubles A 
Winners:      2,000,000 vnd 
Runner-ups:      1,000,000 vnd 
3rd place:      Prizes

Women's Doubles A 
Winners:      1,500,000 vnd 
Runner-ups:      750,000 vnd 
3rd place:      Prizes

All other categories will receive prizes for 1st,2nd and 3rd.

VPA Ranking points for all categories. (winners 100 VPA points, runner-up 50 VPA Points etc..)

 9. How to Register :

Fill in this google form online.

Directly come to  Vietpadel Country Club - 03, Dong Tay 1, An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. 
Call us: 0938 968 717
Message us via our Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Vietpadel

Ps: If you and/or your organization are  interested in sponsoring, please contact us. 

Tournament Director:             Mr.  Phong Le - 0934445544
Tournament Vice Director:     Ms. Nuong Tran - 0904062884            
Tournament Supervisor:        Ms. Thi Nguyen - 0906387424
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