Open House San Diego Volunteers
This is the 2018 Day-of-Event Volunteer Sign-up form. Please submit by January 31st to ensure your place as a volunteer.
Before completing this form please check out the following materials at the links below:

Program Overview:

Any questions, then send an email to
Volunteer Orientation will be held in late February or early March. Location and time to be determined.
To make this program happen we need at least 250 volunteers, so please forward the email and link to this form to your friends. The more the merrier!

Confirmation of Participation
Do you want to participate in OH! San Diego on March 24 & 25, 2018 as a day-of-event volunteer? The minimum committment includes a 4hr shift during the event and a 2hr orientation approximately one month prior to the event.
First Name
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Last Name
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Address 1
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Job Title
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Preferred Shift Time
Day-of-event Volunteers will work 4 hour shifts at an assigned building/site. Most sites will be open to the public from 10am - 4pm. Please select your preferred day and time below. When you are not volunteering you are encouraged to take part and visit the other sites participating in Open House San Diego and meet other volunteers. Your volunteer status will allow you to access sites without waiting in line.
Multiple Shifts
If you would be willing to work multiple shifts, please indicate below.
Preferred Neighborhood
If you have a preference to volunteer in a particular neighborhood, please let us know. We will try to accommodate your request.
Volunteer Roles on day of event
It is expected that all day-of-event volunteers will be assigned to a building or site on the day of the event. Indicate below if there are additional volunteer roles that you would like to participate in on the day of the event. Review the FAQ document for more information. Note that we may not require all these roles, so don't be offended if you don't get assigned an additional role beyond the standard day-of-event volunteer!
Additional Volunteer Interest
We need volunteers prior to the day of the event to assist with promotional and other tasks outlined below. Some involve distributing promotional materials to neighborhood locations such as libraries, coffee shops etc. Promotional materials will be available for pick up in the downtown area. Please indicate below if you would be willing to help. Note the timeframes for each. You can select one or more.
My Neighborhood
If you indicated above that you can help with promotional distribution, then please tell us the neighborhood(s) that you would be willing to cover.
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