R&D in the Social Impact Sector: Uncovering Support Models
Purpose of the Study:
The Social R&D Fellowship* invites you to participate in a study on research and development practices in social purpose organizations across Canada (e.g. non-profit and community-based organizations, public sector, etc.).

Social research & development refers to a variety of organizational practices that systematically generate and use knowledge to develop innovative adaptations and solutions to social problems.

What does Social R&D look like in practice? Establishing a hunch then testing it, conducting research and/or seeking out the latest evidence, prototyping and testing ways to improve or transform programs and/or services, testing the utility of new tools and/or approaches, creating an organizational environment where insights from research and testing influence strategy, etc. – if you are continuously mixing these kinds of habits and practices together, you’re likely practicing R&D.

The study objective is three fold:
1) better understand existing R&D practices and
2) assess the needs of organizations looking to strengthen their R&D practices and
3) uncover models to better support organizations looking to strengthen their R&D practices.

These support models will increase access to the resources, skills, tools and people needed to make the practice of Social R&D more sustainable.

*Hosted by McConnell and Community Foundations of Canada, the Social R&D Fellowship is an ongoing effort to seed a vibrant ecosystem for R&D across the social impact sector.

*Une version française de ce questionnaire est disponible. Prière de nous en faire la demande à l'adresse suivante: maxime.goulet-langlois@mail.mcgill.ca.

What social issues does your organization address?
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In your own words, please tell us about the type of organization you work for (e.g., charitable or non-profit status, size of organization, population-served, etc.).
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How familiar are you with research and development practices and processes?
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If the term "Social R&D" doesn't resonate with you, how would you describe your organization's process of discovering new knowledge and developing new and improved solutions?
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