10:30 am Live Church Registration
In compliance with the health regulations you are required to pre register for church. We are able to have a maximum of 50 people in the service. By pre registering before Sunday your spot should be secure. These lists will be kept personally by Pastor George and will be destroyed after 30 days. They will only be used for the use of informing those present if a COVD-19 outbreak occurs.

Some factors and health conditions lead to a more severe case of COVID-19. The older you the greater chance of having a severe case of COVID-19. We caution people who are older, and people with an underlying medical condition or a compromised immune system, including, cancer, cardiovascular disease (heart disease), chronic, kidney disease, chronic respiratory disease (lung disease), diabetes, down syndrome, gout, immunosuppression, immunodeficiency, obesity, organ transplants, and sickle cell disease.

We ask that if you have any of the following, you do not attend the service: you feel sick, have a fever, have any COVID-19 like symptoms, you have been in contact with anyone that has covid-19, you have been outside of Canada or in contact with anyone who has been out of the country and not quarantined for the required time.

Everyone is required to wear to mask including all children. If you don't have a facemask, one will be provided for you by the church.

There will be Kid's church during the Sunday service.

We will have worship music as part of the service, but we are not allowed to sing as per the government restrictions. Singing together in an enclosed indoor room is a particularly effective way to spread the COVID virus. Instead, we ask you to worship by raising your hands, by singing "internally" to yourself and by receiving the blessing of the music.

Offering baskets will not be passed around, instead a box will be placed at the back of the sanctuary where you can place your offerings.

We look forward to seeing everyone and thank you for following these guidelines.
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