Post Orientation 2019 Survey
Welcome to Paly, Class of 2023! We hope you're having a great first week as Vikings. Please fill out the survey below about your Link Crew/New Student Orientation experience!  If you are interested in having a Link Crew member (your own group leader or someone else...) as part of our year-long buddy system (Paly Pals Program) please fill out this short survey:
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Do you remember what number Link Crew Group you were in?   *
If you do, please put the number (1-60) below, if you don't, please just type 'X'
Were your Link Crew leaders helpful and informative? *
Not at all, didn't learn anything helpful.
Extremely! Learned a lot of new/hepful information!
Were your Link Crew leaders friendly and welcoming? *
My link crew leaders were neither friendly nor welcoming.
My link crew leaders were extremely welcoming and friendly.
Did you feel comfortable asking your Link Crew leaders questions? *
I didn't ask a single question.
I felt comfortable asking my leaders questions.
How comfortable would you be in the future to reach out to your Link Crew leaders for assistance or for questions? *
I'm not comfortable reaching out to my link crew leader in the future.
Very comfortable. If I have a question in the future, I'll use my link crew leader as a resource.
Was your campus tour helpful for your first few days at Paly? *
Campus tour was ineffective, I'm still very unfamiliar with the campus.
Extremely helpful. I felt very familiar with the campus.
Did you meet other incoming freshmen that you haven't met before? *
I didn't meet anyone new.
I met many new people!
Did you feel that freshmen orientation was a valuable experience coming into Paly? *
I didn't benefit at all.
Extremely valuable experience.
Do you have any further comments?
Ways to improve, activities that you liked, an additional activity for next year?
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