Welcome Geography Teachers!
We are glad you want to start receiving DailyGeo! DailyGeo is AGS’s answer to today’s headlines, delivered with a geographic twist. Over the past two years, DailyGeo has gained a reputation for being a useful and fun classroom resource. In particular, AGS Geography Teacher Fellows and college and university professors have used DailyGeo to open up their classes. Others mentioned its convenience and how it keeps them up-to-date with current news in a compact and easy format.

In our quest to support geographic education throughout the country, we wish to share this free teaching resource with you. As you begin to receive DailyGeo, we hope you will want to share this resource with your colleagues. We encourage you to forward this link to the wider Geography teaching community. And of course, we hope you will keep in touch with us and let us know what you like and don’t like so we can be sure DailyGeo remains a useful resource to you.

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