Menu Guide
This is a list of some tried and tested meals that we've used out in the woods. Please read through the menu, and select what you'd like to cook. The ingredients are set, so they are pretty easy, quick, and delicious! If you are cooking on project with an assistant, please only have one cook fill out this form.
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Dietary Restrictions and Allergies
Most of the meals we have listed here are for a general restrictions. Vegetarians are fairly common on our trips, and we can accommodate them easily. Meat is cooked separately, and added individually by those who prefer it. Other things we might encounter are nut allergies, dairy allergies, and gluten free. These restrictions will be addressed more closely when shopping, and offering some alternatives while still ensuring that everyone else has the same tasty, healthy foods to choose from. Your crew leader will help you with these food restrictions, and you can discuss options if needed.
7am - Breakfast
Breakfast is set up "smorgasborg" style. As the cook, you will wake up earlier then the crew to get coffee and hot water going. Breakfast is served at 7:00 AM, so 6:30 is a good wake up time for the cooks (or earlier if you need to). By 7am all of the breakfast fixings should be out and "prepped" for folks to serve themselves. You should also have coffee ready to serve and hot water ready for other drinks and/or oatmeal.

These are the items that come standard with our breakfast selections. On the days you choose not to make a hot breakfast these items will be available.
- Oatmeal with Fruit, Nuts and Honey
- Bagels and Cream Cheese
- Granola with Powdered Milk or Yogurt
- Cold Cereal with Powdered Milk
Hot Breakfast Options
For week-long projects you can select to prepare one or two hot breakfasts of your choice. Here is a short list of hot breakfast options; choose 1 or 2 of these and plan your week accordingly. The links will take you to some recipes if you would like to see how they are prepared.
Chef's Surprise Breakfast
Please provide a link to review ingredients or a short write up so we know what to buy.
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Noon - Lunch (eaten on the trail, but made at breakfast time)
Lunch is also set up "smorgasbord" style at the same time as breakfast. It's best to separate breakfast and lunch on the tables to keep things organized. Please put put out utensils (example, knife to spread peanut butter) to make the morning go quickly and smoothly.

In general these are the items available for lunches:
- Wheat Bread, or Tortillas
- Turkey, ham, roast beef, or salami
- Sliced cheese; cheddar, swiss, or jack
- Peanut Butter & Jelly
- Hummus
- Spinach
- Granola Bars
- Trail mix, pretzels, and nuts
- Fruit leathers
- Apples and Oranges
- Carrots
- Sweets i.e. cookies!!
- Mustard and Mayo
5 PM - Appetizers
This is pretty simple stuff, but beyond important! While you're preparing dinner, there's nothing worse than people hanging around, drooling asking "what's for dinner?" By putting out a tasty snack for folks, you'll put big smiles on their faces, and keep them out of your kitchen!
Chef's Surprise Appetizer
Please provide a link to review ingredients or a short write up so we know what to buy.
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6 to 7 PM - Dinner
Crew will make group decision what time they prefer dinner to be ready.
Dinner Options
This is the cream of the crop right here. Folks pretty much think about "whats for dinner?" all day. These meals have been tested with many trail crews, and always get good reviews. We typically precook all meats prior to the project.
Chef's Surprise Dinner
Please provide a link to review ingredients or a short write up so we know what to buy.
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Standard Dessert Items
Folks often have a bit of a sweet tooth after dinner, but of course not everyone. Plan on one simple dessert after dinner each night for those who need that perfect ending to a meal. These are some of the things we often bring.
- Cookies: A variety of 3 or 4 different kinds
- Jello No-Bake Desserts: Oreo Pie, PeanutButter Pie, or Cheesecake
- S'mores fixins
- Candy: variety of candy bars and twizzlers
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