Pittsburgh Youth Council for Change Application
Pittsburgh Youth Council for Change is an initiative to provide opportunities for activism and career pathways for young people with an interest in social justice and sustainability. Pittsburgh Youth Council for Change was developed by young people for young people to make an impact in the greater Pittsburgh community. This is a paid opportunity with an expectation of 10 hours of work a month.

Young folks from traditionally underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply.

Here's our pitch!

2020 has shown many in the social sector that they need to do more to address issues of systemic racism in their organizations and American society more generally. The wounds of systemic racism and climate change are becoming harder to ignore. It is under these conditions that youth are inheriting the world. The principles of social justice and sustainability are crucial to help address the issues of social and ecological injustice. Now, more than ever, youth from all walks of life need to be at the table to make decisions that are going to affect them. The Pittsburgh Youth Council for Change was created to serve this purpose by diverse groups of organizations and people in the Pittsburgh region.

We are looking for a cohort of youth ranging from ages 14-20 from the Pittsburgh area to act as the connectors and builders in building youth power and civic engagement in Pittsburgh's many nonprofits, social enterprises, and local government. Youth from traditionally under-represented groups and diverse backgrounds (race, socioeconomic status, LGBTQ+, non-English speakers, refugees) are highly encouraged to apply for this paid position.

This council will serve as the bridge to connect their peers to opportunities for civic and social engagement as it relates to sustainability and social justice. Listed below are some potential ideas for the tasks the council could work on (we are in no way committed to these ideas...they will change as the council is formed and sets its own goals and priorities):

* Draft a list of demands and action plans for deliverables in our region based on the agenda set by the council

* Draft recommendations on ways to increase engagement for minority youth, low-income youth, more broadly speaking, youth from backgrounds historically underrepresented in the United States.

* Organize events for civic engagement and social change

* Make a newsletter for youth to be informed about opportunities for civic engagement and programming offered by existing nonprofits and social enterprises.

* Encourage their classmates and peers to attend and become engaged in civic engagement.

* Create media that can express the vision of a better world

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