Cross Browsers CSS Debugging

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Do you work a lot with CSS?
1. I think of CSS like a choose your own adventure.
2. When you have made certain choices, others become obvious.
3. For example, you need to first choose your display type block, inline, inline-block, table.
4. When you have chosen that, you are left with a tool-box of appropriate tools to use to alter the display.

5. For example,
6. Block level elements should be used with margins, paddings, height and width. Line-height isn’t appropriate.
7. Inline elements have line-height, vertical align, and can also be whitespace sensitive.
8. Margins, paddings, heights, and widths aren’t appropriate.
9. Tables have vertical and horizontal alignment and can sometimes behave bizarrely if you have one element of a table without the others (e.g. a table-row with no table-cell). 10. Margins are inappropriate for table-rows and table-cells.
11. Padding is inappropriate for tables and table rows.
12. If you stick to the tool box that naturally goes with your display type, you will have far fewer bugs and cross-browser differences.
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