Impact of Public Health Measures on Families, Guardians and Close Friends of People Living in Residential Care Facilities: Nursing Directors/Care Home Managers
Purpose of this research:
The ERiC project (Engaging Remotely in Care), will provide a national picture of the impact of restrictive public health measure on families, guardians, and close friends of individuals in Residential Care Facilities. It will also provide information on the strategies used to enhance communication and connection with residents during the Covid-19 outbreak.

To gain an understanding of this and related issues, it is necessary to firstly explore how managers of RCF facilitate conversations between healthcare staff and families/guardians/close friends with regarding care preferences and changes in day-to-day practices as a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak. Secondly, to determine the level of preparedness to support families/guardians/close friends remotely and to establish if and what additional resources managers require to facilitate Engaging Remotely in Care (ERiC).

What is involved?
We are inviting you as a manager or lead contact within a Residential Care Facility to participate in this study. To participate, you will need to complete a very short online survey based on your own experiences. This should take about 7 minutes to complete.

Do you have to take part?
No and you can withdraw from the study at any time by exiting the survey. Please note that once you click "NEXT", all responses are automatically recorded. Clicking 'SUBMIT' at the end of the survey indicates that you are consenting for the data contained in your answers to be processed by the research team.

Are there any risks in taking part?
We do not expect any negative consequences of taking part.

Has permission been granted for the study?
The study was reviewed and approved by Social Research Ethics Committee at University College Cork.

What will happen the information you give?
All information will be stored securely and will be treated with the strictest confidence as per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All survey responses are anonymous. The information from the survey will be stored electronically on a password-protected and encrypted computer for a period and/or secure cloud, in line with the University’s Data Management Policy. Your data will be stored anonymously in aggregate format for a period of 10 years.
The findings of this research will be presented at scientific conferences and in papers published in peer reviewed medical/scientific journals. In line with the Open Data movement, the anonymised data set will potentially be made available and accessible online for reuse or distribution at no cost to other researchers or public bodies.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact Dr Nicola Cornally OR Dr Irene Hartigan

We look forward to your participation; your input is very valuable to us and much appreciated.

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· You have read and understood the information about this research study

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· You give permission for the information collected to be stored or electronically processed for the purpose of scientific research

· Understand that findings from the survey will be stored securely in line with EU data protection legislation

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