Yeast ORFan project materials order request
NSF RCN-UBE: Yeast ORFan Project.
Use this form to submit a request for yeast strains or other materials for ORFans or GUFs (Genes of Unknown Function) that you would like to have for work with students. (Hopefully they can be provided; no guarantees.) Items will be sent USPS.

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Strains: To order strain, number each requested ORF and list the following: systematic name; standard name (if applicable); what strain(s) you would like-deletion (including mating type), GFP-tag (if available). Example:
1. YFR012W (DCV1); MATa deletion
Do you want to order primers? If yes, contact Jill Keeney at for ordering instructions (and help with design if needed)
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Do you want Taq? (Green Taq DNA polymerase from GenScript, shipped ambient temperature).
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Green Taq is at 5 U/uL. The recommended amount is 2.5 U/50 uL reaction.  How many 25 uL aliquots (~50 reactions) do you need?
May I add your name and any gene names listed on this request to the project "adopted ORFans" page? *
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