MAA T‐Shirt Design Entry Form
Please complete this entry form along with your design for a new MAA t-shirt. You must submit your design by midnight PDT May 30, 2018.

Design Guidelines
1) Your design must be wholly original. By submitting a design you are guaranteeing that you hold
rights to everything in it, and that it does not contain any copyrighted material.
2) Your design must be mathematical in nature.
3) Your design may contain a maximum of four (4) colors.
4) Design is limited to one side.
5) Designs shall not exceed 8 ½” x 11” in dimension.
6) It is best, but not required, to create your design in a professional design program. If using
Photoshop or other paint programs, the design must be no less than 600 dpi at 8 ½” x 11” in
dimension. If using Illustrator or Corel Draw, no dpi is required.
7) Reproductions of existing mathematical T-shirts or concepts are not allowed, as it might infringe
on the original artist copyright.
8) Your submission should be a PDF or JPEG file no larger than 5MB. High resolution files will be
requested from the top entries.

General Advice
1) Your design does not have to include the words MAA or Mathematical Association of America.
2) You may submit as many designs as you like, but each must be submitted as separate entries.
3) Designs with more than four (4) colors will be removed from the contest and sent back to the
designer for adjustments to qualify.

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