Auckland Curling League entry
Use this entry form to play in this year's Auckland Curling Club League - if you are a full team of 4-6 curlers, a part team looking to play with others, or an individual who wants to join a team. Please submit this form by Tuesday 25th April.
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Please select from: Team (a full or almost-full team), Part team (2-3 people who want to join a team), Individual (who wants to join a team), Spare (someone who's happy to be called for a very occasional game, but no guarantees)
Other members
Please add their phone and email details if you have them, so we can contact everyone in the team
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e.g. (if you're an almost-full team) how many extra players would you like in your team? Or how regularly would you like to play? Or anything else that you think we should know or might help us to team you up.
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