Thank you for donating to our 2017 Friends of the Brazos Party For the Brazos Auction!
Please provide us the following information so that we can provide our auction guests with a description of your product, thank you privately, and if you would like, on our Facebook Page and/or website! We want our members and guests to be able to find you again!
Friends of the Brazos Annual Fundraiser
Donor and Contact Information
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We will not publish this or any of your private information. Please be sure to include this if the winning bidder needs to contact you for a reservation or to schedule an appointment.
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If you are donating a service or gift certificate, this will be our main source of enticing our participants to bid on your item!
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Please let us know if you would like to set your own opening bid amount.
We are happy to do this! We normally put the opening bid at at least 50% of the stated value.
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If you would like us to mail you a thank you for your taxes, please give us your complete mailing address:
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How will we receive your donation?
If you are delivering your item to the M&W Ranch, please tell us about how big it is, so we can plan our display
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If you are giving us a certificate (rather than an item people will carry home that night), please let us know about your certificate/gift? Choose all that apply.
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We are promoting our auction donations on our Friends of the Brazos Facebook Page.
Please provide your Facebook page if you would like us to help our members find your company or services again! Please remember to like our page so that your link will always be visible to our page's visitors!
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Please let us know if you would like information on any of the following:
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Notes, Comments, Suggestions, Questions
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Thank you for your generosity and interest in supporting our work to keep the Brazos River, and all Texas rivers flowing!
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