Greyhound Crossroads 20 Year Census
Help us update our records as we prepare for our 20 year anniversary! We would like to get fresh information on our GC adopted dogs and your contact information. The details entered here will NOT be shown anywhere online- the only staff members who will have access to it are those updating your adoption records. This private data will absolutely not be sold or displayed anywhere publicly and will only be used internally for our information.
Tell us about your family!
Let's catch up and make sure we have your correct information.
Your Last Name *
Just your last name please, such as "Owens". This helps us sort the incoming replies in order.
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Your Full Names *
Also please note if you adopted under a different name so that we can update the correct records.
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Street address where you are currently located.
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Please provide your full mailing address.
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The best one or two email addresses to reach you.
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This is primarily used in the case of a lost dog or other emergency. Help us help you by giving good and accurate contact information to reach you quickly.
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Don't own a Greyhound Crossroads dog yet?
We'll be happy to add you to our contact lists! We are glad to have you as part of our extended Greyhound family!
I have joined Greyhound Crossroads from another location, or with dogs from another source, and would like to join your mailing list.
I am planning to adopt from Greyhound Crossroads in the future.
Tell us about your Greyhound Crossroads Greyhounds!
Please fill out one answer below for each dog you have adopted from Greyhound Crossroads and let us know how they're living the retired life now. We encourage you to share as much info as you would like to add here. It's very helpful for us to hear updates, accomplishments, illnesses, etc. Share their stories! For this section we are asking only for dogs adopted from our organization, since we don't have adoption info on pets coming from other locations or groups. (If you have more than six dogs, you can double up on answering blanks to list all of your GC pets.)
1- Racing Name and Home Name
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2- Racing Name and Home Name
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3- Racing Name and Home Name
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4- Racing Name and Home Name
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5- Racing Name and Home Name
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6- Racing Name and Home Name
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We would love to keep in touch!
We would love to occasionally include you in all the excitement as we get ready to enter our third decade together. With your permission we will use your email address just a few times a year.
Can we add you to our email list for Greyhound Crossroads news, group updates, events etc? *
Would you like to receive information on participating in BeachBound Hounds, our annual greyhound reunion in Myrtle Beach?
Thanks for playing along!
Your assistance will help us a great deal toward seeing how our pups are doing out there in the world, and making sure we have everything correct in their records. A couple final thoughts...
Do you need replacement Greyhound Crossroads dog ID tags?
We gladly supply these to any of our adopted dogs at no cost. Lost your tag? Let us know and we'll replace them to help your dogs get home in an emergency. Our goal is to have a tag on EVERY GC dog to help them get home EVERY time! Please give us the names of any dogs you need tags for so that we can record them accurately and get them in the mail to you.
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Anything else you would like to share with us?
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