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Help your Special Someone take the plunge and finally learn to ride a bicycle. Give them a Gift Certificate for a VB Learn-to-Ride private lesson.

NEW – No Charge GIft Certificates

When you order a No Charge Gift Certificate
    • You commit to paying the lesson fees when the student books – not before!
    • You’ll receive a PDF of the certificate that you can print and use for giving
    • You choose the specifics that affect your cost, such a single, or Series of lessons.

Use this form to get things started. The information will be used to:
   •  Fill in the blanks on the certificate,
   •  Learn a little about the student

Thank you for trusting Virtuous Bicycle!

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Gift Certificates for Private Bike Lessons with Virtuous Bicycle
You - the person giving the certificate. The info will be used to create your invoice. 
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*Their email will help connect them to your gift. We will NOT initiate contact with the recipient.
Student's Height *
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Student's Age *
Gift Certificates recipients must be 18 years or older.
Double Checking - Will the student be able to take their lessons in Manhattan? *
Lessons are held in various locations in Manhattan. Locations changes as the student advances. Students are expected to travel outside their home neighborhoods. 
The Gift is for my . . . *
"It's for my brother", or, "My boyfriend", or, "It's for a good friend".  We'll keep this in mind when setting up the graphics.
The Certificate is TO: *
eg: TO: Elaine,  TO: Uncle Sam,  TO: Schmoopie
The Certificate is FROM: *
eg:  FROM: Mom and Dad,  FROM: Tyree,  FROM: Aunt Katie
Is there a special occasion or Holiday? *
We'll select graphics for the occasion: "Christmas", "Graduation", "Birthday", or "So we can ride in Vermont" - Just let us know
Is there a special DATE you'd like to enter on the Certificate? *
A Birthday, or Father's Day, or Graduation etc. Otherwise, we'll just use today's date.
Gift Certificate Spending Limits
Choose the options that will affect your costs. Lesson Fees are listed at (Private Biking Lessons, then Rates & Info)
Standard (2 hour) or Extended (3 hour) Lessons  *
An Extended Lesson is good option for a fit student who can work for 3 hours. VB will offer guidance to the student on this question when they submit their intake Questionnaire. Checking EL here keeps their options open. 
How many lessons? *
The number of lessons required depends on the student's profile: Age, fitness, athletic history are all factors. You can gift a single lesson and allow the student to handle future bookings, or pick one of the spending limits shown here. 

GOOD TO KNOW: If the student is finished after using only part of your certificate payment, the balance will be quietly refunded to you, the giver. (PayPal fees of 3.49% are deducted from all refund transactions.)
Your Commitment *
When the student has selected dates from the VB Calendar, I'll send you (You, the Giver) a PayPal Invoice.
Please understand that their assigned dates will be removed from the Availability Calendar and can no longer be offered to others. There is tremendous pressure on the calendar, so UNPAID DATES cannot be held.
Avoid missed communications *
You've taken the time to fill out this form - make sure you receive the response! Reports from disappointed applicants found my response in their junk folder. Take a minute and add "" to your spam filter's Approved list. (I'm lookin' at you @Yahoo, @Hotmail  and @AOL people!)

I usually respond very quickly, but always within 24 hours. If you don't hear back, check your Spam folder.
One last thing... *
Don't forget to pay the $25 Graphics Setup Fee. The fee will show as a credit on your lesson fee invoice. The Graphics fee is otherwise non-refundable.
We're done! Are you glad?
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