Windwhistle Winter Sports Club Membership Application Form and Member Update Form
Please ensure you have read all the T&C's found under READ MORE in the BECOME A MEMBER area on our website before completing this form. Thank you
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A Senior Member is 19 years or over, A Junior Member is 10yrs  to 18yrs old as of the 31st March of current year.  
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I understand that I need one Committee and one Club Member to nominate me.  
I understand that my application must be approved through a Committee meeting.
I understand that Mt Olympus is built by members who give thier time and effort to do work parties and duties summer and winter.
I have completed work parties and/or ski week/s or have been a very regular day tripper and are known to staff and members.
If my application is accepted, I undertake to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Club and to pay the annual subscription applicable to my membership status, as set by the Club.
Once approved and invoiced I will pay my subs promptly.
I understand that subs and work party levies are non-refundable if I am unable to ski due to snow or circumstances.
I understand that If I haven't completed enough officially recorded Work Party Days, I will be invoiced a levy and I will pay it promptly.

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Have you completed any work parties or done a ski week or been a very regular day tripper and are known to the staff or other members? Any other comments? *
Please tell us the dates.   Note - If you have completed 5 days you earn a seasons pass once you are a member.
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