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What are the different facets of your identity that have been important to you?
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How would you identify yourself politically? We do not intend to label anyone and will move beyond such labels in the sessions, but we ask this question to ensure political diversity in the dialogue:
How often have you talked about politics with people who disagree with you?
If selected, could you commit to attend all sessions at the University of Virginia that occur in Fall 2019 for 8 different Tuesdays from 12:25 – 1:50?
If selected, would you be comfortable with a researcher observing the sessions?*
If selected, would you be comfortable participating in a confidential phone interview prior to and following the dialogue?*
*This research will inform a book on learning through dialogue. No identifying information about any student will be released. You will have the opportunity to formally consent or decline the interviews after reading further information about the project.
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