Student Information 2017-2018
Welcome to our classroom! It is going to be a great year! I am excited to be your child's teacher this year. 2nd grade is an exciting time. We are looking forward to a year of new adventures! Please review the information on this document and answer each item. If you have any questions, please contact me at the school. Thank you!
Welcome to Room 16!
I have chosen to use tables instead of desks. Desks can be a source of a lot of distractions, and they are difficult to move out of the way when we want to do large group activities or science experiments. Tables are a wonderful way to encourage students to work together in cooperative groups. I have one standing table, and floor space for students to work as well! Students will keep their pencils and supplies in a small box on their table.. Crayons, scissors, markers, and extra supplies will be kept in a tub labeled with your child's name in their cubby.
Monday Folder
Every Monday your child will bring home a folder (Monday Folder). Inside will be all of your child's work from the previous week plus any school or classroom memos. Please take the time to sit down with your child and go through the papers in the folder. This is a good chance for you to receive feedback on how your child is doing in class. Some papers will have a score of 1, 2, 3, or 4 on them. A Score of "3" means that your child demonstrated the expected skill. A Score of "2" means that they were close to the expected skill. A Score of "1" means that your child does not yet have understanding of the skill. You will also see scores of "2.5" and "3.5" as in-between scores. A Score of "4" is rare, and is given to students who demonstrate a very high level of skill on a task, significantly beyond what was presented in class.

Most papers in the folder will not have a grade on them. Some of the class projects we will either correct as a whole class, or the papers were inteded to be a practice page. After you have read through all items, please keep the papers at home, sign the comment page, and return the folder to school on Friday morning.

• Read for 20 minutes out loud each night. We will send home a homework "bookmark" that your child can keep in their reading book and fill it out each night.
• Review the weekly words. Make sure you child can read all of the words, and knows the meaning of each word.
The following rules apply to our classroom, and will be in effect at all times:
• Follow directions the first time they are given.
• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
• No teasing or name calling.
• Show respect for fellow classmates, teacher, and other school personnel.

If a student chooses to break a rule and disrupt class, the following consequences will be utilized:
• Verbal or non-verbal warning,
• Conference privately and one-on-one with the teacher, may possibly include recovery time,
• Problem Solving Plan or phone calls home.
• With serious or ongoing problems, the Student and Teacher will call home to explain problem and solution and to follow up on the Problem Solving Plan.
• A Problem Solving Team Meeting with the Teacher, Parent, Student and Principal may also be utilized.

Any severe misbehavior, such as fighting or verbal abuse will result in the immediate imposition of the severe clause and the student will be removed from class and sent to the principal. Any teasing, name calling, or disrespect for classmates, teachers, or other school personnel will result in the immediate imposition of the severe clause and the student will be removed from class and sent to the principal.

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We love to have guest speakers! If you have a talent, skill, or special connection that you would like to share with our class - Please let me know! :)
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Thank you for helping me get to know your child better!
Field Trip Permission
Field Trips – We would like to include all children on school sponsored field trips. In the event that your child loses a
specific permission slip, he/she will be able to attend if you answer the statement below and we receive verbal
permission on the day of the trip.
My child has permission to go on a school-sponsored field trip. *
This year we will be using many forms of technology for communication and instruction! We have a class website that has pictures, weekly newsletters, a calendar of events, important links, and lots of useful information for both students and parents! I like to wish students a happy birthday on our classroom calendar, but I only use first names (never last names). I also like to post photos of students working diligently in our classroom, but I never post names to go along with any photos. We also often work on podcasts, blogs, and videos in class. I like to post these projects on our classroom website, SchoolTube, SeeSaw, BMSA YouTube channel, and our class Twitter account so that parents can see the amazing things the students will be doing. Please view our classroom website at to see the many ways that technology is used in our classroom. I have updated it for our classroom, and you can read all about my family!

Classroom Policy for Bringing Personal Devices to School:
Students are allowed to bring their own devices to school as long as they follow these guidelines-
1. Students are responsible for keeping their own device safe. No one at the school or district is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. It is fully the responsibility of the student.
2. Students must use the district wifi when on the internet. They may not use any cellular connection.
3. Devices must stay turned off and kept in the student's backpack at all times until students are given permission to use it for learning.
4. Devices may not be used at lunch, during recess, or on the playground.
5. Devices may not be used on the bus, or during inside recess times unless given direct permission from a supervising adult.
6. Devices may not be used to make phone calls, instant message or text during school hours.
7. Students are not allowed to take pictures or videos with their devices of other classmates unless given direct permission.
8. Students are not allowed to play games on personal devices unless they are part of an educational assignment.
9. Students must follow all district technology use guidelines while on personal devices during the school day.

Please check the following boxes below in order to grant/decline permission. Then please type your name and the date at the end. Thank you!

I give permission for pictures and video of my child to be on classroom and school websites and blogs. *
I give permission for the first name of my child to be used on classroom and school websites. *
I have read and reviewed the West Ada School District Technology Policy with my child. (You can find the link on the school district website at *
Classroom Volunteers!
Volunteers are a vital asset to any school or classroom. There are many different ways you can volunteer to help out at school, even if you work days. Please mark all areas below where you would be willing to volunteer your time to help.
Check the areas where you would like to help out.
How often would you like to volunteer?
Which days are you available to volunteer?
Which times are you available to volunteer?
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