TCKidNOW Community Mental Health Network Participation Form, Introductions Section:
- Provide a resource primarily for adult third culture kids (TCKs) and cross-culture individuals facing barriers, especially financial, to accessing mental health and related services.
- Create a global network of colleagues, where mental health service providers with different specialties can network and establish mutual referral relationships with one another.
- Offer a way for participants to reach third culture or cross-cultural individuals.
We are looking for:
- counselors (psychology/ clinical social work / other clinical or counseling training), credentialed therapists, and trained social workers who specialize in serving adult Third Culture Kids or cross-culture individuals and who are willing to accept flexible or "sliding scale" fees (fees flexible depending on resources of individual seeking services),
- business owners and community members willing to become a sponsor for individuals who looking for services but are limited in income or face other barriers (ie. disability-related or language), and
- organizations interested in partnering or collaborating with us for the above purposes.
*TCKidNOW is a public charity registered in the US as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with approximately 33K followers and active platforms where TCKs interact regularly. Support and sponsorship for this program must also cover operations to ensure confidentiality and human labor for the coordination and management of the service. Individuals who sponsor without promotion of their business will be be able to request receipt for tax-deductible donation. Sponsors will be promoted on our social media platforms.
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Please list the name of your professional mental health services or practice, or if you interested in sponsoring or partner, name of your business or organization. If sponsoring as a private individual, please enter "individual".
More information on our social media platforms and promotions :
While joining this network is free, being regularly mentioned on our social media platforms (we have two active Facebook pages totaling 33,000 followers and at least 9500 members combined on our two most active Facebook groups) will involve a fee. Sponsors will receive information on the different sponsorship levels separately via email. As a promotional offer, service providers will be asked to pay $50 (separate from this sign up process) to be regularly promoted on our Facebook pages for six months. Being part of our network means that while we actively promote our own programs as an organization and come into contact with more people seeking support, service providers in our network will be the first we will refer to. The service provider just has to remain active and willing to accept sliding-scale fees and/or payments through our sponsorship program (we can discuss payment platforms individually).

Please bear in mind: the primary reason for this network is to help individuals who are not accessing mental health services due to financial limitations, but truly need support and help.

Mention on our high traffic pages often increases traffic for entrepreneurs and service providers we have worked with in the past.  Our Facebook reach for original content have reached as high as 11,464 in the past, or recently this past week, over 12,900 in reach. One of our highest-liked posts reached over 1.5K likes.  We also have a private forum which we can use as an alternative to Facebook.  We also have an email listing of of 6500 and growing, but that is part of our general sponsorship program. (Recent screenshot available upon request)
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