SSE Student Survey 2017
Summer 2017
How confident are you at reading out loud and/or asking questions in class? *
Not confident
Very confident
Did you enjoy participating in Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) this year? *
Any suggestions for reading for enjoyment for future years?
Your answer
Have you found the emphasis on spelling, punctuation and the mechanics of writing helpful this year? *
Did participation in study skills improve your ability to take notes in class? *
Did you find the emphasis on estimate, evaluate and check in all subjects helpful this year? *
Have you noticed an emphasis on numeracy in all subject areas? *
Do your teachers use similar methods when using the calculators? *
Do teachers give results as fractions? *
Did you take part in any of the activities during Maths week? *
Rate your enjoyment of Maths week? *
Not enjoyable
Very enjoyable
Has your punctuality improved this year? *
Do your teachers give a positive comment and an area for improvement when giving feedback? *
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