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Do you have any prior experiences of being a committee director? If yes, state the names of the conferences in which you have chaired in and what your position was (president or vice). *
Please list any and all of the experiences that you have had in MUN (you may include awards that you have received, special committees that you have been in, your position in the club [etc.] if you wish) *
Do you have any prior experience working in a crisis-based format such as MGE (Model Government Europe)? If so, please list when and where you gained this experience from. *
What would you do in a case where one or more of the delegates in your assigned committee started acting out or behaving in a disruptive manner during a committee session? *
What was your motivation to apply as a committee director to ACIMGE? What do you think are your qualities which make you suitable for this role? Please explain in detail. (Maximum 500 words) *
Can you confirm that if you get chosen to be a part of ACIMGE 2018's StOff team you will take full responsibility of the role which you have been assigned and complete all the tasks that will be given to you on time with no excuses (this includes writing chair reports and being on time to sessions etc.)? *
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