2021 Virtual Fundraiser - Table Grace Cafe
RSVP for the virtual fundraiser on March 5th Including Heavy Hors d'oeuvres available for Pick-up
Table Grace Ministries Headquarters. 1611 1/2 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68102
Thank You for being a part of this year's Fundraiser for Table Grace Ministries! This year’s gala is going to look different, as we will be doing a virtual fundraiser instead of in person. Below, there will be several options for picking up meals; take and bake ahead of time, or take out on the day of the Fundraiser (March 5th). The locations vary on March 5th (either pick up at lunch time from Table Grace Cafe, or pick up from the Food Truck at St. Thomas Lutheran Church around dinner time). This will give the opportunity to enjoy fantastic cuisine prepared by Table Grace’s own Chef Matt and staff, while enjoying the live stream portion from the comfort of your own home. To view the virtual event go to the Table Grace Café Facebook page online beginning at 7:30pm on Friday March 5th. (facebook.com/tablegracecafe) We appreciate your ongoing support during a season when life is anything but normal. Please answer the following questions in order to rsvp for our Virtual Event. The first question is; who are you? :) (Name/Names). *
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I would like to sponsor this year's fundraiser at the following level. Sponsorship includes 8 meal tickets available for pickup at Table Grace Café or Saint Thomas Lutheran Church. See below for payment options and food pick up choices. *
If you are getting individual tickets - how many would you like to purchase? ( If you are sponsoring at Bronze or above you do not need to answer this question.)
How may servings of food would you like? *
Ready-to-eat Menu: Please select your time slot for Food Pick-up on March 5th. Pick-up : We want the Heavy Hors d'oeuvres menu - ready to eat. (for take & bake see below) *
Please select your timeslot if you would like the take & bake food option. (servings will be based on the number of people In your reservation unless otherwise indicated below) *
Please use this space to provide additional instructions. For example you could let us know that even though you are sponsoring at a Gold level, you don't want 8 servings of all the food. Or you could let us know that you would only like 6 servings of the ready-to-eat heavy hors d'ouvres, but you would also like 2 servings of the take & bake option. Another example of information that could be shared here would be; "We want everything except the goat cheese hors d'ouvres." Here is the menu again for your reference: *Take and Bake Option:(pick-up days before)Chicken Bacon Baked Penne Carbonara German Chocolate Brownies: *Pick-up Day-of Menu: Baked Apple-Goat Cheese Crostini Maple-Bourbon Glazed Ham Balls, Seared Beef Tataki, Prosciutto Roulade with Greek Yogurt and Fruit Compote, Pesto Chicken Salad Tea Sliders, Desserts: Mexican Chocolate Cake Bombs, Berry Clafoutis with Brown Butter Sauce
Please Select a Payment Option: If paying online please click the link to make payment before answering the question. If you forget, or the link doesn't work - you may go to www.tablegracecafe.com to make your payment or mail a check to Table Grace Café, 1611 1/2 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68102
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