Help Defeat Trump in 2020 By Contacting Voters With Englewood Indivisible
Neighborhood Leaders Needed From July 2019 On
Rather than canvassing in the month before an election, we are using a "Neighborhood Leader" model, in which each of us chooses 35 households in our own neighborhoods and we visit those households every few months. We do the initial visit to each house with partners.

The 35 households will be Independents (registered as NPA, or No Party Affiliation). Our first visit with them is for "deep canvassing," spending 10 or 15 minutes listening to their concerns and learning what they care about and what will motivate them to vote. We will also ask them a few short survey questions to determine whether they oppose Trump's reelection.

It is well established that the best way by far to get people to vote is meaningful face-to-face contact. Additionally, there is a multiplier effect: for every person we talk to, there are the circles of their own connections.That's enough to win in 2020.
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