Warwick Hyperloop Technical Teams
The recruitment for technical teams will open in early Term 3. This form will register your interest in the team and you will receive an email once we begin the recruitment.

It will also help us gauge the interest in various teams and guide our decisions with regards to allocation of our core members.

Technical Teams:

• Structures
- Shell
- Chassis
- Manufacturing

• Dynamics
- Suspension
- Emergency Braking
- Stability

• Powertrain
- Magnetic Propulsion
- Motor control
- Batteries
- Levitation (Maglev)

• Software
- Navigation
- Telemetry
- State Machine

• Electronics
- Low Voltage Battery Pack
- Microcontrollers/custom PCBs
- Communication
- Sensors

• CAD/Simulations
- Autodesk Fusion 360
- COMSOL Multiphysics
- Multisim
- MATLAB/Simulink
- Other

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