AWSA Practice Score Video Submission Form
Use this form to submit a video practice score into the AWSA rankings. Practice scores will be judged online by a panel of officials where final scores will be submitted online to the AWSA rankings. Scores will be counted as a class F score which means it will be maxed out at Level 5 on the rankings
Video Guidelines
-Videos can be uploaded to AWSA's dropbox @ or any other platform such as Youtube, all we need is a link to find it.

-Videos should be named so that we can identify who the skier is and the date of the video, for example, johnsmithjune62020

-Trick videos should be submitted as one continuous video for pass 1 and 2, make sure there is a clear indication of the start of the trick run

-Slalom videos should contain a shot of boat speed and rope length before each pass and boat times after each pass.

-Slalom videos only need to be submitted for last completed pass and final pass, for example, if you ran 30 mph, 32, 34 and 3 @ 36, you need only submit the 34 and 36 passes on 1 continuous video

-Scores will be judged online by rated officials within 48 hours of submission and your score will be finalized and uploaded onto AWSA rankings. Scores will count as class F scores and thus will be limited to a ranking level of 5
Sample Practice Slalom Score Video
Sample Practice Trick Score Video
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