2019 SB Gaia Sprint application form
The 2019 SB Gaia Sprint will take place on 2019 March 25 through 29 at KITP in Santa Barbara. The Sprint will be small and probably over-subscribed, so apply with that situation in mind! The full explanation of the Sprint is available at http://gaia.lol/ .
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Career stage *
Other than or except with respect to gender, do you consider yourself to be a member of a demographic group that is under-represented in astronomy?
Prior Sprints *
Have you previously attended a Gaia Sprint?
Project description *
What do you plan to do at the Sprint with the Gaia Second Data Release (DR2) data or related data? Please be as specific as you can. If you can't be specific, at least give the scientific area or domain in which your interests reside. Examples: "searching for binary companions by exploiting the Gaia-reported astrometric uncertainties" or "searching for tidal tails on M13 and M15 in proper-motion and parallax space" or "finding transverse hyper-velocity stars in the halo with spectral types later than B".
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Scientific areas *
What scientific areas does your proposed project (above) fall into? Select all that apply.
Other relevant datasets for your project
Indicate here if there are other public datasets that you would like to have access to at the Sprint. Examples: "APOGEE radial velocities & abundances" or "WISE photometry".
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Technical and scientific skills
What skills, knowledge, or data do you bring to the Sprint and how could you contribute to the projects of others? If you have specific knowledge or expertise or roles within the Gaia project, be sure to mention this here. Examples: "measured ground-based proper motions with the USNO 1.3-m" or "member of the Gaia RVS team" or "d3.js plotting expert" or "APOGEE team member" or "fast, sparse linear algebra user".
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Things you would like to learn
What subjects or skills or data sets would you like to learn more about at the Sprint? Be as specific as possible. We will try to arrange break-out sessions for the most popular subjects.
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Things you could teach
Do you have data, code, or methods for which you could lead (or participate strongly in) a breakout or discussion? Promoting useful software or data is permitted and encouraged.
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Other notes or requests
Anything else you want to add or ask?
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Code of ethics *
Participants will be expected to follow the AAS Code of Ethics, which we believe helps foster the welcoming, collaborative spirit of the Sprints. Please read the code of ethics, linked from http://gaia.lol/codeofconduct.html, and then answer the question below.
Openness and collaboration *
At the Sprint, you will be expected to share ideas openly, and take on publication co-authors when others contribute significantly to your project. The Gaia Sprint collaboration policy is written in full at http://gaia.lol/. Please read the collaboration policy and then answer the question below. Note that the policy puts requirements on data and code brought to the Sprint that might be in conflict with agreements you have with other parties.
Travel support
Does your ability to come to the Sprint depend critically on the availability of travel support? We do not expect to have much funding to support travel, but we are currently investigating opportunities
Attendance *
Check all days that you can commit to attending. Preference will be given to those who can go for the full five days the Sprint.
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