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Hi! We are excited to announce the start of our Board Internship Program! Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on the SWE board? Are you looking for a leadership position? Then this is the program for you! With this program, you are allowed to try a variety of different roles to explore your interests. You will enter as a "Representative" of your class standing and will assist the board members with their duties. You could also be given an independent project to work on to get in the groove of being a board member.

For more information about SWE CSULA, please visit:

*This program is mainly intended for Freshman and Sophomores so that they can be assimilated into campus life! Thus, they will be given priority, however, anyone can apply.
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Short Description of Positions
For in-depth descriptions, please view here:

President: Oversees all board members' tasks and keeps the organization on track to reach specified goals
Internal VP: In charge of internal duties including all paperwork and planning of events
External VP: In charge of outreach events and maintaining relations with other clubs
Secretary/Historian: In charge of documenting all of SWE's activities and meetings
Treasurer: In charge of SWE's finances and attends funding meetings
Corporate Liaison: In charge of inventing guest speakers and setting up company tours
Event Coordinator: In charge of all paperwork for events by submitting proposals to ASI
Membership Chair: In charge of increasing membership numbers and weekly newsletters
Mentorship Chair: In charge of the mentorship program including all events and pairings
Public Relations/Webmaster: In charge of all SWE's social medias
Which positions are you interested in?
Please note that this is just to guage the level of interest. As part of the program, you will be able to try any position to get a feel of the organization.
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